Dresden | Campeleon GmbH from Radeberg has filed an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings with the Dresden Local Court.

As a preliminary insolvency administrator, the court has 04.04.2023 lawyer and specialist in insolvency and reorganization law Thomas Reichelt from the law firm DiLigens lawyers & insolvency administrators. The business operations of the camper specialist will continue without restrictions despite the insolvency application. The wages and salaries of the 16 employees are secured for the time being by the insolvency money.

The primary objective of the preliminary insolvency administrator is now to stabilize the business operations. Attorney Reichelt is currently obtaining a picture of the company's economic situation and will examine reorganization options. "I am in contact with customers, suppliers and investors already approached in advance in order to maneuver the company into calm waters. Employees and management support the continuation and reorganization course "states Reichelt in this regard.

Campeleon GmbH is a start-up company and was founded in 2021. Campeleon GmbH operates in Radeberg the exhibition and distribution of add-on and expansion modules in the modular system for modern motorhomes, whereby vehicles, for example, of the type VW Caravan or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are converted as motorhomes. Campeleon GmbH converts motorhomes for individual customers according to specified requirements in the modular system. Currently, two vehicles are being converted accordingly. The aim of expanding the debtor's acquisition approach is to sell this modular system to car dealers or car repair shops, which can then convert corresponding vehicle types individually for customers using this system. Campeleon focuses on development, production and distribution. In the future, assembly is to be handled mainly by B2B partners (e.g. car dealerships).

All parties involved intend to use the coming weeks to intensively search for potential investors for the company.