Eibenstock OT Neidhardtsthal - With the decision of February 1, 2023, the Chemnitz Local Court has opened self-administration proceedings over the assets of Haus Tanneneck Neidhardtsthal GmbH. The specialist lawyer for insolvency and reorganization law Marcello Di Stefano from the law firm DiLigens was appointed as administrator.

The "Haus Tanneneck" operated by the above-mentioned company is run as a fully inpatient care facility for the elderly with attached day care, day care and short-term care. The company currently employs 54 staff.

The management has commissioned Dr. Renald Metoja, also a specialist in insolvency and reorganization law, from Eisner Rechtsanwälte as procedural and general agent to provide restructuring advice for the facility. In the course of the consequences of the Corona pandemic, the facility, like many other nursing homes, had run into economic difficulties.

During the protective shield proceedings, which have been ongoing since November 22, 2022, the two restructuring experts, together with the management, succeeded in stabilizing the company as part of the continuation of operations and, in particular, in significantly increasing capacity utilization to almost 96%.

Those receiving care and their relatives need not worry about the ongoing proceedings. Metoja and Di Stefano, who is supported by DiLigens partner Dr. Martin Linsenbarth, are confident: "We assume that the business will be completely restructured in the foreseeable future within the framework of an insolvency plan while retaining all jobs and care places," both leave no doubt about the success of their mission.