Gera Local Court has ordered provisional self-administration of the assets of Sternbach-Klinik Schleiz GmbH and appointed DiLigens partner and specialist lawyer for insolvency and restructuring law Marcello Di Stefano as provisional administrator. Thomas Mulansky, a well-known lawyer from Dresden, is acting as the clinic's restructuring consultant.

The current operator had taken over Schleiz Hospital from municipal ownership in 2021. The step into self-administration had become necessary because the 104-bed hospital was not yet able to cover its costs despite positive developments, according to a statement from the hospital. Hospital operations will continue without restrictions, unaffected by the proceedings. The wages and salaries of around 200 employees, who have already been comprehensively informed about the situation by the company and the provisional administrator at a staff meeting on 25.06.2024, are secured at least until the end of August 2024 through insolvency benefits.

As a basic and primary care hospital, the Sternbach-Klinik in Schleiz is of great importance for the region. The aim is to jointly restructure the financing of the hospital operation, which cannot cover its costs under the current legal conditions, and to restructure the company in a sustainable manner in self-administration proceedings. A strategic partner is being sought for this, and there are already interested parties.

Marcello Di Stefano will be supported in his work by a team led by the lawyers Dr. Martin Linsenbarth, also a DiLigens partner, and Robert Jödicke.