On 01.05.2024, Gera Local Court opened insolvency proceedings for the assets of Jena-based IT agency Tritum GmbH and appointed DiLigens partner Marcello Di Stefano as insolvency administrator. On this date, the insolvency administrator sold the business operations, including all 30 employees, to deistrom.land AG, which will ensure the company's continued existence in the future.

Tritum GmbH has specialized in web design, e-commerce and online platforms since 2007. The agency's clients include AOK Bundesverband (self-learning coaching platform), Bauerfeind AG (online store) and brickdex.io (LEGO big data platform).

Business operations were successfully continued in the provisional insolvency proceedings without any restrictions for customers. Di Stefano was supported by a team led by lawyer Robert Jödicke.