Preliminary insolvency proceedings were ordered against the assets of the Rost bakery and confectionery in Eisenach by order of Meiningen Local Court dated August 24, 2022. Dr. Martin Linsenbarth, a lawyer and specialist in insolvency and reorganization law and a partner in the law firm Diligens Rechtsanwälte & Insolvenzverwalter, was appointed as the provisional insolvency administrator.

"The Rost bakery is well-known in Eisenach. We will continue the business operations and examine all options for a long-term continuation of the business," said Dr. Linsenbarth. The Rost Bakery and Confectionery was founded in 1963 by master baker Ralf Rost and has been managed by master baker Sebastian Kluge since 2012. In addition to the main store in Stresemannstraße, the Rost bakery operates two other branches in Eisenach. The company currently employs 14 people. At a staff meeting on Monday of this week, employees were informed about the current status. Wages and salaries are covered by the insolvency compensation scheme.