Gera/Greiz. By order dated May 1, 2023, the Gera Local Court opened insolvency proceedings against the assets of Vereinsbrauerei Greiz GmbH. Marcello Di Stefano, a lawyer specializing in insolvency and reorganization law from the law firm DiLigens Rechtsanwälte & Insolvenzverwalter, was appointed as insolvency administrator.

Together with Managing Director Thomas Schäfer, he has been successfully running the traditional brewery with its 150-year history since mid-February 2023 under provisional insolvency proceedings. In this way, customers, suppliers and employees were not only "kept in line", but also jointly supported the continuation of the business. Orders and sales were even higher than expected before the insolvency, so that production could also be brought up to full speed.

"We have succeeded in stabilizing the business operations and preparing them for sustainable restructuring. We have received a great deal of support in this regard, including from District Administrator Martina Schweinsburg and Sparkasse Gera-Greiz under the leadership of its CEO Dr. Ziegenbein. Last but not least, the teams of the Greizer Vereinsbrauerei and my law firm have also played a major role in this success in stages."

All events planned with the participation of the Greizer Vereinsbrauerei will take place, including "Vogtlandradio rocks" on July 1, 2023 on the brewery grounds(

Di Stefano admittedly knows that it will still be a long way to the final reorganization of the company, but is quite optimistic that this will succeed. "We will do everything in our power to ensure that the good beer from the Greizer Vereinsbrauerei can continue to be drunk in the region and beyond. Of course, every beer drinker can contribute to this by buying our beer and recommending it to others," says the insolvency administrator.