The Jena-based start-up company Dashfactory GmbH has filed for insolvency due to imminent insolvency. Marcello Di Stefano, a lawyer specializing in insolvency and restructuring law, was appointed provisional administrator by Gera Local Court.

With the "Dashbike", the company has developed the first legally compliant dashcam for bicycles in Germany, which is used in particular to provide evidence in the event of accidents and safety-related issues. At the same time, the developed system is also able to record data on bicycle traffic, road conditions and traffic forecasts and make it available for further processing, thereby helping to improve safety and traffic flow.

The start-up has run into financial turbulence because supplier problems have led to higher liquidity requirements than planned, but ongoing financing discussions could not be concluded in time.

"I see great potential in the developments at Dashfactory, which is why the company is currently being continued without restrictions with the aim of a successful turnaround."

Wages and salaries are secured via the insolvency substitute benefits until the end of March 2024 at the latest.