Eschwege, 09 March 2021 | Klatt Stahlbau u. Schlosserei GmbH from Eschwege has filed for the opening of insolvency proceedings at the Eschwege Local Court.

The court appointed Dr Martin Linsenbarth from the law firm DiLigens Rechtsanwälte & Insolvenzverwalter as the provisional insolvency administrator. The company's business operations will continue without restrictions despite the insolvency application. The wages and salaries of the 9 employees are covered by the insolvency money for the time being.

The primary goal of the provisional insolvency administrator is now to stabilise the business operations. Dr Linsenbarth is currently getting a picture of the company's economic situation and will examine reorganisation options. "I am in contact with customers, suppliers and banks to manoeuvre the company into calm waters. Employees and management support the continuation course. The company's order situation is good," explains Dr Linsenbarth. Klatt Stahlbau is known for its extremely high quality and professional qualifications, especially in the field of welding. We will not compromise on quality," explains the provisional administrator. All parties involved want to use the coming weeks to intensively search for potential investors for the company.