Insolvency proceedings were opened against the assets of the company "" by order of the Eschwege Local Court dated May 1, 2023. Dr. Martin Linsenbarth of the law firm Diligens Rechtsanwälte & Insolvenzverwalter was appointed as insolvency administrator. The main reasons for the insolvency were delivery problems due to the increased demand for the debtor's products in a very short time. "" produces, among other things, wallboxes and charging stations for electric cars as well as generator junction boxes and so-called balcony power plants under the label "Made in Germany" at its site in Eschwege.

Business operations have been continued in full during the preliminary insolvency proceedings under the supervision of the preliminary insolvency administrator Dr. Linsenbarth since the beginning of March 2023. Now, with the opening of the proceedings, it has been possible to find an investor who will fully maintain the location in Eschwege and the 11 jobs. Especially the employees, who are the main pillar of "", and the saving of their jobs were in the focus of the takeover. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price or the agreed investment amount.

"With the takeover by the investor, the innovative business model of "" will be strengthened sustainably and reliably and can thus make an important contribution to the transition into the electromobility age," Dr. Linsenbarth is pleased to say.