The Gera Local Court has ordered provisional insolvency administration over the assets of Vereinsbrauerei Greiz GmbH. Marcello Di Stefano of DiLigens, a specialist attorney for insolvency and reorganization law, has been appointed as the provisional administrator. He is supported by his team led by Dr. Martin Linsenbarth, also a specialist attorney for insolvency and reorganization law.

The traditional brewery, which looks back on a history of over 150 years, has fallen into crisis as a result of the Corona pandemic and the exploding costs of raw materials and energy.

Business operations are currently being continued in full. Wages and salaries are covered by insolvency payments until at least the end of April 2023. The provisional insolvency administrator is currently primarily concerned with securing the supply of raw materials and energy to the debtor and beer to customers, but has also already initiated initial steps to permanently restructure the business.

"Beer is a cultural asset and time-honored object of local identity. This also applies, and to a special degree, to the beer of the Greizer Vereinsbrauerei. My team and I will do everything we can to maintain this traditional company, but this will not be a foregone conclusion in a complicated market environment," says Marcello Di Stefano.