On 1 May 2022, the Gera Local Court opened insolvency proceedings against the assets of Transport Georgi GmbH Kleintransporte/Kurierdienste und Transportvermittlung and appointed insolvency lawyer Marcello Di Stefano as insolvency administrator. Under his supervision and guidance, business operations have been successfully continued in the provisional insolvency proceedings with 152 employees. Di Stefano and his team have also been searching intensively for a restructuring solution for the company. Unfortunately, however, it became apparent that such a solution could not be considered due to a lack of serious interest in a takeover from a third party. Against this background, business operations had to be discontinued in order to protect the interests of creditors when insolvency proceedings were opened. "I would have been very happy to support a continuation solution for the business, but that was out of the question in the given situation. Therefore, the suspension of operations was unavoidable. However, I am optimistic that the employees, whose commitment was not at fault and who are generally sought after in this industry, will quickly find employment again," says Di Stefano.