By order dated September 1, 2022, the Mühlhausen Local Court opened insolvency proceedings against the franchisee of the tutoring service provider Schülerhilfe in Mühlhausen and Nordhausen and appointed specialist attorney for insolvency and reorganization law Marcello Di Stefano as insolvency administrator. The latter had previously been appointed as provisional insolvency administrator.

As part of the provisional administration, Di Stefano and his team succeeded in conclusively negotiating the takeover of the two locations by Schülerhilfe GmbH & Co. KG and prepared the corresponding purchase agreement in such a way that the business operations could be seamlessly transferred on the day the insolvency proceedings were opened. "The business operations at both locations, including all jobs and freelance contractual relationships could be maintained in this way. The tutoring services were available to the students in time for the start of school and their existence is secured for the future, and there is also something in it for the insolvency estate," says the insolvency administrator.